Google Search Ad Campaign – Monthly Management

Google Search Ad Campaign – Monthly Management


Have you spent much time on managing search ad campaigns but haven’t got any good results?  Don’t get successful in this? Then there is something creepy that’s stopping you from achieving your goals. Let’s have a look at what we’re offering in this gig and grow your business.


Google Search Ad Campaign –  Monthly Management

Ongoing campaign optimizations & management for increasing CTR, Revenue, Good Quality Score.

When it comes to managing each and everything effectively it takes time and of course, it leads to success and it includes many ways of optimizing from remarketing to fixing all issues.

What will you get in this order

  • Optimization of Search Ad Campaign
  • Negative keyword implementations to exclude irrelevant traffic
  • Remarketing set up to reach your past website visitors and buyers
  • Performance across tablet, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Raise Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Improve campaign Quality Score
  • Fix All Issue/Errors
  • Ongoing Management for 30 days

Aljaa will help you out in this and figure out all the issues.

So you can, Grow the volume of your sales and CTR, and Better your ads Quality Score with Text Ads.


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