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Online market places have proved to be an essential part of our advancing lives and businesses. They are the main driving force for the most successful businesses in the world! And do you want to know how that happens? We will tell you a few strategies regarding that.But first, let me tell you a few very important facts:  In 2017, the total exports of our nation which comprises 20 crore people, was $21.9 billion. Now, on the...

Reaching your nonprofit’s supporters on social media is essential to maintaining engagement with them, but it’s also an excellent method for attracting new donors! Growing your donor list through savvy online strategies is an important way for 21st-century nonprofits to stay relevant for all their supporters, not just the ones who attend their fundraising events....

پاکستان میں اس وقت چودہ کروڑ پچاس لاکھ active سمارٹ فون users ہیں ۔ ان میں سےچارکروڑ چار لاکھ  فیس بک users ہیں اوپچاس لاکھ.. ٹویٹر users ہیں۔ اس وقت لوگوں کو پہچان دینے کا سب سے بڑا ذریعہ سوشل میڈیا ہے ۔...