Google Search Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization

Google Search Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization


Are you getting frustrated by how your lack of experience is holding you back from getting the sales and leads your business needs to grow?

Worst of all… are you missing the thousands of dollars that you burned for absolutely nothing and still your ads are not appearing first at google and the quality score is low and you don’t know what to do? 

You’re not alone… and you CAN change this, starting today!

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Google Search Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization

Setting up & Optimizing your Search Ad Campaigns improve Text Ad Performance & CTR.

Google Search Ad campaign optimization is a key part of achieving your goals. We will use different ways from which we can effectively optimize your Google Search Ad campaigns to improve performance which includes Review, refine and add to your keyword list, Use Keyword Matching options to lower costs, Use location targeting to show your ads only in relevant parts of the country and Schedule your Campaign to be on when customers respond.

What will you get in this order

  • Setup & Optimization of Search Ad Campaign
  • Creating & Optimizing Ad groups
  • CPC Bid Management
  • Adding keywords
  • Refine your Keyword List
  • Bid Management on devices/locations
  • Raise Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Improve campaign Quality Score

Spending big Dollars on your Google Ads campaign is not going to help you drive more sales.

Unless your ad copy is compelling, powerful, and well crafted, not choosing the right keywords with perfect match types your PPC campaign will never be able to cut through the noise, bring more clicks and encourage more sales.

Aljaa will help you out in this Don’t Worry!

We will Write specific, relevant, attractive, and Enticing Ad Copy for Your Google Ads Campaign and optimize it for you by selecting keywords that will be profitable. 

So just don’t wait for Go Ahead and Order Now for achieving your goals.


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