Advance Google Ads Course

Advance Google Ads Course


This course is for those who are looking to market their business with the use of Google Adwords. Either they can be small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Freelancers, Graduates.

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Google is the most used search engine so the presence of a brand on Google AdWords is mandatory if you want to be where your customers are.
Google AdWords is a complex online promotion system that a Pay Per Click specialist can successfully use to increase sales or site traffic, optimise conversion rates, or lower the acquisition cost. Once the operating algorithm and optimisation techniques are understood, the specialist can easily determine the issues and opportunities that occurred during the campaigns.
This course is for you, both if you’re already managing AdWords campaigns and want to get better results for your money, or if you’re new to AdWords campaigning.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of this Training?
A badly constructed AdWords campaign can lead to marketing budgets being eaten up with little to no benefit in terms of traffic, customer retention or ROI. Trying to teach yourself the complexities of Google AdWords, the correct terminology and best practices can lead to confusion and the bleeding of budgets.
To ensure that you’re prepared to throw yourself into the heady world of paid online advertising, you’re going to need the proper PPC training. Our course is designed to cover the essentials of paid search ad campaigns, best practice tools and techniques to achieve the results your hard work deserves.
What you’ll learn:
Creating Your First Campaign
Basic things you know for Writing ads
Setting up Campaign structure and adding keywords
How Adwords auction system works

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master the world’s most powerful and popular advertising platform.
  • Small Business Owners who want to increase their sales and revenue through their website.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of the world’s most advanced advertising platform to their competitive advantage.
  • Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills.
  • Beginners and more advanced AdWords users who want a closer look at how to set up search campaigns the right way.
  • This course is NOT for you if you are not ready to take your online advertising and marketing seriously.
  • If you have ANY product or service that you want to promote, advertise or sell online, this course will give you the best tools and skills to succeed.
Section 1: Your First Campaign Part-12020-05-21T19:24:17+00:00
  • Creating the first campaign
  • Understanding device targeting
  • Location targeting at the campaign level
  • Bidding strategies – How bidding works
  • Normal bidding
  • Automated bidding (Target CPA, ROAS, Enhanced etc)
  • Automated bidding (outranking position and maximizing clicks)
  • Manual bidding
Section 2: Creating First Campaign Part-22020-05-21T19:26:25+00:00
  • Understanding ad-delivery options
  • Understanding site link extensions
  • Understanding ad-scheduling
  • Understanding ad-rotation
  • Understanding dynamic search ads
Section 3: Basic Things Writing Ads2020-05-21T19:29:12+00:00
  • Standard text ads
  • Components of an ad
  • Basic Adwords Policy (Not to use these in your ad copy)
Section 4: Keywords2020-05-21T19:29:58+00:00
  • What are keywords and what is their function in Adwords
  • Overview of keyword strategies and keyword research tools
  • Understanding keyword match types
Section 5: Setting up Campaign Structure & Adding Keywords2020-05-21T19:34:10+00:00
  • Adding a new ad group inside a campaign
  • Best practices of adding ad groups in your campaigns
  • Importing keywords from excel or adding keywords directly to ad groups
  • Creating multiple and relevant ads for new ad groups
  • How to navigate between ad groups, keywords and ads within your campaign
Section 6: How AdWords Auction System Works2020-05-21T19:35:19+00:00
  • Focuses on relevancy (CTR, ad relevancy)
  • Quality score explained and how it works (landing page quality)
  • Understanding ad-rank and how it is calculated
  • Max CPC Bids = Most you are willing to pay for a click
Section 7: Display Advertising2020-05-21T19:36:16+00:00
  • Difference between search campaigns and display campaigns
  • When to run a display campaign?
  • Setting up a display campaign
  • Targeting options and placement options
Section 8: Remarketing2020-05-21T19:37:05+00:00
  • What is remarketing?
  • Benefits
  • Ways to remarket with Google Ads
Section 9: Conversion Tracking2020-05-21T19:37:47+00:00
  • What is a conversion?
  • What is conversion tracking and how it works?
  • Conversion actions visitors take on your website
  • Setting up conversion tracking
Bonus Section 10: Attribution Models2020-05-21T19:38:28+00:00
  • What are the attribution models?
  • Benefits


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