In this course, we’ve covered all the basic things that you must learn when you start Google Adwords. This Google AdWords course is for anyone who wants to learn what is Google AdWords, how it works, ad networks and how to set up AdWords account.

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Why Should You Learn Adwords PPC?
It is also good to have free traffic, but you know what is great? You don’t know what Google Adwords is and why to use it. What campaign goals will meet your business? Google is the World’s biggest publisher, they are changing their system and algorithms every week. If you want to learn all of this basic knowledge, join us.

What you’ll learn
what is Google Adwords
Why Google Ads (Adwords)?
How do Google Ads work?
Google Ads (Adwords) Networks
About campaign types and goals

Who this course is for:
This Basic training is beneficial for those looking to learn Google Adwords. Anyone who wants to learn what Google AdWords is, how it works, ad networks and how to set up AdWords account. Apart from this, the course is useful for the following entities:

Business Owners
Marketing Professionals

Section 1: Basics of Google AdWords2020-05-21T18:58:16+00:00
  1. What is Google Adwords?
  2. Why Use Google AdWords?
  3. Benefits of Google Adwords
  4. How do Google Ads work?
Section 2: Google Ads Network2020-05-21T18:56:31+00:00
  1. What are google ad networks?
  2. Where your ads can appear?
Section 3: Campaign Types & Goals2020-05-21T18:54:39+00:00
  1. Different types of campaigns
  2. Campaign Goals
Section 4: Setup AdWords Account2020-05-21T18:58:54+00:00
  1. Creating your Adwords account
  2. Understanding Adwords structure
  3. Setting up billing


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