Learning Management System For Academies

Learning Management System For Academies


Are you looking to teach students or the community to learn their respective subjects/courses but not finding a way how to do it? There are many ways in this knowledge age to maintain your academy/institutes/schools/colleges/universities remotely?


What is LMS (Learning Management System):-

A learning management system, (LMS) is an online web-based application that is designed specifically to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content/courses.

– We can help you in building virtual classrooms in which teachers will be able to perform their duties exactly as they were doing in their classes physically. Now they will be able to teach students from home, may take quizzes and check assignments, manage attendance and even virtual classrooms/webinars can be created where all students can interact with each other and all of this system is called LMS(Learning Management System).

– We provide you the best solution for your Institute to manage your students/classes remotely and students can learn easily from home. It is a complete solution that can fulfill all your needs.

– All features and services are given below.

Core Users:- Admin, Manager, Teacher, Student


– Moodle Installation

– Theme Installation

– 05 courses/classes setup

– Online classes/lectures/conferences setup

– Attendance setup

– Quizzes setup

– Assignments setup

– Announcements Setup

– Discussion panel for each course

– Students progress reports setup

– 5 Business Emails with Email integration

– Deployment on Live server

Moodle Latest version

Additional Features

– Monthly Maintenance

– Free Training/workshop about “How to use LMS?”

– 100% satisfaction guarantee

– 3 revision

Monthly Maintenance:-

– 5 courses / classes management (30 students per courses / classes)

– 1 Quiz per course

– Certificate setup and design

– Blog posts (1 post per day)

– Social Media Accounts integration

– Theme customization

– Website Speed issue

– Maps for all campuses (Like google map)

– Other changes or extra features which are not this package.

(Note:- We will charge some extra for monthly maintenance.)


– Sample Reference Link:- https://takhti.how/


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