Online market places have proved to be an essential part of our advancing lives and businesses. They are the main driving force for the most successful businesses in the world! And do you want to know how that happens? We will tell you a few strategies regarding that.

But first, let me tell you a few very important facts:



In 2017, the total exports of our nation which comprises 20 crore people, was $21.9 billion. Now, on the other hand, compare this fact with the following;

– Ebay, I’m sure most of you have heard about it. Ebays annual export generation accounts up to $9.7 billion. Which means that Ebay makes 50% of Pakistan’s total annual exports?



-Alibaba, generates a total of $38.9 billion dollars in annual exports. Which is the double of Pakistan’s annual export generation.



-You surely know the online market called Amazon. The annual export generation of Amazon is a whopping $137 billion! And if we calculate that, it is around 7 times more than the annual revenue generation of Pakistan!



The purpose behind stating these facts was to enlighten all of you with the importance of online market places. To motivate our nation to be proactive and make opportunities for ourselves.

It is important that we build different market places to target different niches i.e the Pakistani Leather Market. It has been decreasing day by day! Do you know why? It is because when raw leather is exported to its respective countries, every one that is a part of the distribution channel keeps a margin to their benefit. From the entities who import it, to the distributors till the retailers. By the time it hits the store, the high priced leather is devalued by cheap Chinese leather products.

So, what can we do to save our Leather Market? We can build leather specific brands and websites that offer Pakistani leather to the entire world. We should make a platform where the entire world can come to shop for leather without hesitation. Where they are guaranteed the best!

If this sounds even slightly appealing to you, grab this opportunity by the collar and come join us at Aljaa!