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Politics with authority is a great responsibility, a duty towards your country & your countrymen.

Before the advent of smart phones and social media it was difficult to comunicate with people of your constituency. But Digital marketing has revolutionized even Politics
Instantly you get feedback for your work & influence people by building your online image.
Social Media Campaigns have redefined the approach towards Political campaigning for Leaders worldwide.

Social media for a politician has become the most important tool not only for Political discourse, but it actually helps you to build your reputation online. You can realise your long term vision by building a permanent bond with people in real time.

Aljaa is a dedicated Political Social Media Management Agency in Pakistan, where we make sure you reach people & they reach you.

We know how to take you along in this Digital Age. Faster Fruitful and Fun.

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Digital marketing has made Political Campaigns to reach target audience at a much lesser Cost, lesser Time and much more Easier than the traditional marketing methods, as in every other field.

Call it your Digital Political Campaign !

So now we can produce a Buzz for you by the following a few footprints:-

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  • Running Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Crafting your own website
  • Showcasing your social contributions
  • Starting the slogans and logos
  • Video marketing, etc


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So we can tailor and target your messages better based on your audience’s values so as to increase your Voter Base.
Our campaigns are employing intelligent dynamic resourceful optimization to put the suitable spin on your Ads to get the favourite response.

Repetitive political ads bore voters. But digital advances in viewability tracking and cross-device analysis can benefit campaigns and reduce Voter Tiredness.

Cutting- edge technology allow campaigns to better manage their Ad Sequencing.

Unpaid advertising has brought limitless opportunities. YouTube videos, animated GIFs, and other content sparks voter reaction and then shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This unpaid advertising has proven to be very operative in persuading voter decisions.

But don’t forget, all of your Marketing and Advertising Media is essential and should work together.

[mkdf_custom_font custom_font_tag=”h3″ font_weight=”300″ text_transform=”Capitalize” text_align=”left” content_custom_font=”Social Media and Pakistani Politics” color=”#000000″][mkdf_unordered_list]The use of Social Media for politicians counting Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has dramatically transformed the way campaigns are run.
All the notable Politicians in Pakistan are using these tools to give positive messages about themselves. They are making their presence felt by making trends in social media.
The Tech Savvy Youth of Pakistan keeps themselves updated with trends and latest topics.
Pakistan’s growing Facebook and Twitter users have a marvelous impact over the results of the polls.[/mkdf_unordered_list]
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  • Our team with the help of radical tools like websites, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, ORM and many more will promote single voice through these platforms.
  • Our social podium will highlight important and prevailing issues.
  • We create online presence on all social media domains as we have skilled and creative team of mavens.
  • User participation will be encouraged on these forums
  • We take pride in presenting you with our imaginative and unique agenda to promote you and your party on these platforms.
  • Last but definitely not the least, we offer top- class solutions to the problems through these podiums

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Digital media is bridging the gaps between Politicians and the Voters of their own constituency often bypassing news organisations that have customarily mediated their ideas.

Digital and social media also permits promotion and tailoring of messages in the way campaigners want to achieve.

Digital marketing strategy is now part of Election campaigns and politicians/political parties are spending significant resources and time and on Digital Marketing.

Persuading voters and their behaviours towards voting
is now much more easier and cheaper than bringing them in Jalsas.
It is very probable that digital media will shortly replace many traditional forms.

We will put together these multi-faceted Digital Tools series on using Social Media in political campaigns to give you an edge and put you on the track in this exhilarating space.

Want to discuss more? So get in touch with us now !!!!!!!!!!!

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Being versed with a wide range of web technologies, our team of developers is
capable enough to accomplish each and every requirement of responsive websites

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