Setup & Optimize Social Media Platform

Setup & Optimize Social Media Platform


Are you ready for taking full advantage of Social Media?
Social Media is the action of creating content to promote your business and products on various platforms. It is an easier platform for spreading your Business 10x faster than the Analog system. We are here to create & manage all accounts.


Why is it so Important?
Improves Brand Awareness & Authority, Quality Website Traffic, Reach Potential Customers, Higher Conversion Rates.

Our Services Attracts your Customer like the bee on flowers!

Creating a Social Business Page allows more than 2 billion people on Social media to discover and learn more about your business. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, having a presence across various social media platforms is a must.

We will help you with setting up and designing professional, optimized, and ready-to-use profiles that will leave lifelong impressions to your clients.
Let our social media experts help you get started the right way on the platform!


  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Instagram Business Account
  • Twitter Business Account
  • YouTube Business Account
  • Pinterest Business Account

We will make sure you start your social media activities with a professional & appealing Business Page that converts. We will also provide a detailed recap PDF listing all the actions taken to set the Page up with tips & advice to make the most of your Page’s features.

What will you get from working with Aljaa?
Customized Social Media Management for Your Business: No business is the same, right? Which is why you started yours in the first place! I want to help you continue your reach and effect on customers by providing you with customized social media pages tailored for your business.
Evaluation of Your Online Presence: Our background is in Marketing and Business Development and We create branding for businesses who are either just starting out or need a complete refresh. We do research and care about the end-user, ensuring that the imagery and wording used on content is representative of your business and what you offer.

All packages include:

  • Setup profile and Facebook business page(Add all details)
  • The suitable template according to business
  • Setup services, e-commerce, online shop
  • Design unique eye-catching cover photo
  • Full business page SEO friendly optimize
  • Input all products and add the purchase button
  • Add group & linking to the page
  • Add website, phone, email & location map
  • Add a bio, contact details & custom URL
  • Advance marketing and promote

Basic Plan:
The basic setup, CTA buttons, custom cover, business details, custom tabs, & more!

  • 2 Social Platforms
  • Page Setup
  • Website Integration

Mandatory Plan:
Advanced setup, CTA buttons, custom cover, business details, custom tabs, & your 1st custom post. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Full Setup + 1 Post
  • Page Setup
  • Website Integration
  • Action Plan

Platinum Plan:
Advanced setup, CTA buttons, custom cover, business details, custom tabs, & 2 custom posts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

  • Full Setup + 2 Posts
  • Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Page Setup
  • Website Integration
  • Action Plan


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