Covid-19 | Local Businesses Survival & Growth

Covid-19 | Local Businesses Survival & Growth




Coronavirus Could Cost the Global Economy $2.7 Trillion, and Pakistan has estimated that up to 18.5 million people in the country could lose their jobs and the economy will sustain a loss of nearly Rs 2.5 trillion in three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a media report on Friday.

How to set up your local small business website2020-05-06T10:01:37+00:00
  • How to watch the next few videos
  • How to easily find a domain name for your local small business 
  • How to set up your website quickly and professionally 
  • Preview
  • 15 item checklist for increasing website conversion and visitor engagement
  • Example of a perfect local business website with all high conversion elements
SEO: introduction and keyword research (Mahreen)2020-05-06T10:06:24+00:00
  • SEO section introduction
  • SEO section overview of what we will cover in this section 
  • Local business keyword research example to get many more keywords
  • Preview
  • Short tail keywords vs. long tail keywords
  • How to balance long-tail and short tail on the same pages
VOICE Search2020-05-06T10:07:21+00:00
  • Voice SEO – latest trend in SEO and how it impacts keyword research
  • Latest SEO research for top ranking factors – links are extremely important
SEO: On-page SEO2020-05-06T10:08:07+00:00
  • On-page SEO introduction
  • WordPress Yoast plugin
  • Setting the title and description meta tags for your on-page SEO
  • Basic on-page elements that are seen
  • Blogging for local businesses – pros and cons, when and how
  • Revive Old Posts plugin for social sharing, scheduling & SEO boost
Google Search Console (Webmaster) Performance & Crawling & Indexing status2020-05-06T10:10:45+00:00
  • Setting up your Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools
  • Creating your sitemap.xml
Google My Business & The Local 3-pack Google Map Rankings2020-05-06T10:13:33+00:00
  • Setting up Google My Business
  • Filling out your Google My Business profile
  • Adding your first post to Google My Business
  • Town name in the listing title
  • How to get reviews for your Google listing
  • Adding photos and videos
  • Adding your services and products
  • Social media and brand activity impacting your ranking
  • Running local 3-pack ads
  • Setting up a local ad from Google My Business dashboard
  • Private address
  • Answering reviews can help rankings and customer engagement
  • Q&A feature in Google My Business
  • Where ads show up and when
  • Analytics and what to do if you are not getting the calls
  • Adding attributes to your Google listing
Google Ads – (Adwords for Local Businesses)2020-05-06T10:14:26+00:00
  • Why Google Ads (Adwords)? 
  • Google Ads (Adwords) Networks 
  • How do Google Ads work? 
  • Setting up Google Ads account 
  • Navigating the Google Ads Account Dashboard 
  • Testing your Google Ads’ basics
YouTube for Local Businesses2020-05-06T10:15:06+00:00
  • YouTube for promoting your local business 
  • How to get a highly converting video to rank in search results 
  • Creating Basic youtube Channel
  • Basic Channel Optimization
Social Media Marketing for Your Local Small Business2020-05-06T10:17:20+00:00
  • Social media marketing overview for your local business 
  • Creating Facebook Page
  • NEW! How to increase engagement on Facebook by using images
  • Selling in Local Groups
Facebook Ads and Re-targeting2020-05-06T10:28:30+00:00
  • Facebook ads section introduction
  • What is the Facebook Business Manager and why you should use it
  • Setting up our Facebook Business Manager account
  • Adding a page to our Facebook Business Manager account
Setting up Facebook Business Page for Ads2020-05-06T10:18:46+00:00
  • Beginning to work with the business pages in Facebook’s Business Manager
  • Page banner size
  • Setting the brand image
  • Facebook page call to action button and about section
Other Strategies to Promote Your Local Small Business2020-05-06T10:19:36+00:00
  • Establishing yourself as an expert to get trust 
  • Discount and coupon strategies to promote your local or small business 
  • OLX  can still get you clients? 
  • Local business groups and communities
How to Get Referrals2020-05-06T10:20:11+00:00
  • How to create a referral network with other businesses 
  • Customer referral program
Customer Reviews2020-05-06T10:20:46+00:00
  • How to get more customer reviews
  • Importance of video Review


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