Google Shopping Campaign Setup & Optimization

Google Shopping Campaign Setup & Optimization


Are you struggling to find your space in the eCommerce world – A space where you can enjoy consistent sales and profits, thanks to a steady stream of interested consumers filtering in.
Sick of trying to figure out how PLA campaigns work? We can help you by creating & optimizing your Google shopping campaigns and eliminate wasted spend.

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Shopping Campaign Setup & Optimization
Creating and Optimizing your Shopping Campaigns improves Product Listing Ads Performance & Conversion Rate.

Google Shopping campaign optimization is a key part of your selling strategy. We will use different ways from which we can effectively optimize your Google Shopping campaigns to improve performance which includes Exclude Search Queries, Boost (or Suppress) Individual Products, Identify Top Brands, Daypart and Geotarget.

What will you get in this order

  • Create and Optimize Product Data Feed
  • Shopping Campaign Setup and Optimization
  • Creating Ad groups
  • Add negative keywords
  • Bid Management on devices/locations
  • Geotargeting

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s a dog-eat-dog, cutthroat world where everyone is fighting tooth and claw for the top spot and market dominance – which means if your Google Shopping Ads campaigns aren’t optimized, you’re leaving a fat stack of dollar bills on the table.
If you’ve tried everything but still looking at low-to-no clicks and awful sales, then you’re not alone: in fact, 76% of Google Shopping Ads campaigns target the WRONG search terms – and 90% of them keep doing it time and again!
If you can OUTSMART them, you’ll join the Top 26% of campaigns, where the sales and profits flow like honey and Aljaa help you out in this so you win this auction and enjoy your success.



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